Monday, 4 January 2016

Secret Idol

                                   Secret Idol

A 2nd year boy in high school, Senri Nakibura is a loner with glasses, his sister Yui is a 1st year. In his class, there's a lot of cool kids but there's some loners too. He has a secret that only himself knows about, he is an idol. His Idol name is Shun, he took off his glasses, had contacts on and change his hairstyle a bit. He works for a quite famous company and his producer is young. In the middle of lunch break his producer called him. While Senri was talking to the producer, a girl (she's a loner too) called Ayu. After the call finished, Senri turned around and shocked to see that Ayu was right behind him. And so, Ayu make a deal to keep the fact that he's an idol a secret, the deal is to let her hangs out with him. They hangs out together every day, a rumors was made by the cool kids in their class that they're dating. A boy from their class, Yuusuke, hates rumors and so he asked Senri and Ayu if he could hangs out with him and Ayu. After Yuusuke knows more about Senri, he straight away realize that Senri is Shun the famous idol. Senri and Ayu was shocked that Yuusuke realized that Senri was Shun. After 2 months of hanging out with each other, Senri introduce his sister Yui to Yuusuke and Ayu. Yuusuke straight away fell in love with Yui, but Yui rejected him. After Senri, Ayu and Yuusuke Graduated, they all have jobs. Senri still work as an idol, Ayu became a nurse and Yuusuke became an office worker and still confessing to Yui.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Small and Tall

                                  Small and Tall

A girl in 6th grade named Chihiro Kiro was the smallest girl in her grade, and she was nicknamed "Chibiro". "chibi" means like chubby or cute and "ro" is from her name. She had always like a boy from her class named Uemura Yuu and he was the most good looking and active boy. He is really popular that Chihiro never get the chance to get close to him. A girl who was in the crowd that surrounded Yuu pushed Chihiro away while she was trying to talk to him. Yuu went to Chihiro and asked her if she okay, but right after that happen some girls came to Chihiro and yell at her not to get close to Yuu. They pour down water at Chihiro until she was drenched, Chihiro was so scared that she didn't say a word. when they were graduated, Chihiro went to a different middle school from Yuu. But unfortunately, Yuu changed his ideal middle school and moved to the same school as Chihiro. Well of course Chihiro was shocked but she tried to give up on Yuu but she failed. Yuu always talked to Chihiro and the other girls got jealous and kept asking her if she still likes Yuu or not. Chihiro always say that she gave up on Yuu but it was a huge lie.One day, Chihiro heard a rumour that Yuu likes someone. She was sad but one her best friend named Nana told her that Yuu probably likes her. And so she said to Yuu to meet her in front of the school gate, she wants to confess. When she confessed to him, Yuu said that he likes someone else. She cries and run, then she bumped into a boy. He is in the same class as her, tall, his name is Kuroko Ryouta. Kuroko asked her if she alright and told her to tell anything that happened to  him, and so she did. Kuroko and Chihiro now is a really good friend and also Nana. A week after that, Chihiro founds out that Yuu likes her  best friend named Nana. Chihiro was upset and told Kuroko about it, Chihiro was about to cry until Kuroko let her cry on his shoulder. Some girls saw it, they took a picture of it and send it to everyone in the grade. Chihiro was  bullied but not until Kuroko yell in front of the grade and said " ANYONE WHO BULLY CHIHIRO WILL GET BASHED BY ME!" And after that day on wards nobody has ever bully Chihiro anymore, but there is a rumours going on that Kuroko and Chihiro is dating. At the end of the year, there would be a fireworks display and Kuroko asked Chihiro to go with him. She said yes. On that night, Kuroko confess to her and they started dating. The next day, Nana told Kuroko and Chihiro that Nana and Yuu had been dating for 2 years. they were shocked but they became the top 2 normal and weird couple at their school.

Saturday, 14 November 2015



"Does fairies exists in this world?" It was after the summer break, a girl named Hiyoki Natsume asked that question every night. Hiyoki 7th grader in Nagoya Middle School, who had always hated the world because of a trauma of being bullied.She kept asking if fairies exists or not. She wished to be a fairy, so that she can fly free from the world. One morning, a boy transfer to her school, he have a blond hair and his name is Kito Harutora. A seat next to Hiyoki is empty and so Kito sat there, Kito introduce himself to her but she ignored him. When Hiyoki looked at him, he was wearing a sweater even though it's summer. She said "you're a weirdo." Kito was shocked and interested in her, and so he kept asking Hiyoki to hang out with him.

After one week , they got along well and became a good friend. While Kito was asked to do a job by someone, a group of boys came after him and locked themselves with Kito inside a room. The boys were jealous of Kito because Kito is popular to the girls and they hates Kito. He nearly got pushed out of a second floor window but not until Hiyoki came and cover him. Because Hiyoki came and cover him, She is the one who got pushed out of the window. But in one second before she hit her head to the ground a beautiful blonde haired, cute boy with blue eyes and with a bright white angel wings hold her hands and pulled her up. Hiyoki was shocked and of course the other boys.

Hiyoki asked Kito after the boys ran away "Who- what are you?" Kito answered "I'm a fairy with an angel wings." Well because Kito was a fairy he have power to erase people memory, he erased the boys' memories but his power somehow doesn't work on Hiyoki. She was the only person that knows Kito's secret. They continue their lives as a human but not until a group of stronger fairies came to take Kito away. Hiyoki disagreed and the fairies attack her with their power but Kito saved her. He was taken to the hospital but nothing can cure a fairy's power and so he passed away.

After few years later, Hiyoki made friends and asked them " Do you believe in Fairies?" but their friends said " No we don't. Do they even exist?" And Hiyoki replied " Yes, I met one before and I fell in love with him" She told the story of her and Kito to her friends, and there was a transfer student named Kei Harutora and he looks exactly as Kito. Kei said to Hiyoki "I'm back" and she started to cry.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Hi everyone! {>_<}

                                         HI! {>-<}

Hi everyone who's reading this! I'm a girl who watch anime and read manga (like comics). I read manga and watch anime too much that I got a lot of ideas to make stories. My grammar is not that good because I'm still young, but i really love writing story, that's why i made this blog. At first, I thought nobody wants to read my story, but when i write a story at school afriend of mine said "it's a good story! Continue it, I want to read it." That's why I'm so excited to make more stories. It might not make sense but i will try my best to make it good. I'm actually thinking of making a manga/comic but I'm not really good with drawing.. I dreamed to be an author or maybe works with someone who can draw a manga. I will probably will make one story every 1 week or 2 weeks. Hope you will like my stories and please comment if you like it or not because i need support! (even though it's not that good)

Twins' always alive

                              Twins' always together

One morning, there lived a two twins who was 4 years old but they had been separated for 8 years, because of their parents’ divorced.

Yumi was a 12 years old girl, who had been separated from her older twin brother  by 3 minute named Usui for 8 years. Her mother took Usui away to Tokyo and her father took Yumi by their parents' divorcement. One night, in the middle of summer break, her mother called her and said her mum and her dad is going back together, that is mean that she’s going to meet her twin brother after this 8 years.

The next day, her mother and her twin brother is going to meet up at her house. Yumi was so nervous, she hide in her room until her twin brother come. After they arrived, Yumi’s dad called her to go downstairs and meet her mother and her twin brother. Usui was much taller since 8 years ago, he dyed his hair blond. He seems different since when they were 4 to Yumi. But she does not care, she ran to Usui and said “Usui-kun!!! I missed you!” then hugged him . Usui said “ Yumi-chan!!! I missed you too!” and they both cries.

Usui have to go to the same elementary school as Yumi, the school is called Teiko Elementary School. Right after Usui introduced himself, he became popular. Yumi was happy that he became popular but she does not want to get left behind. So Yumi pulled Usui out of the crowd and said "Usui-kun is mine!" Everyone was shocked and of course Usui blushed. 

At the end of the year, Yumi and Usui have to do the middle school Entrance Exam. Yumi was really upset because she doesn't want to do the exam. Because Usui was from an elective school in Tokyo, he have no choice but to teach Yumi to pass the exam. After all their hard work studying they both passed the exam. Yumi was so delightful that she passed the exam and she will be going to the same middle school as her older twin brother. 

Once they got into their middle school every girls stared at Usui, maybe because he is a good looking. Yumi got jealous and hold Usui's hands. Usui obviously doesn't mind because Yumi is his twin sister, because Usui dyed his hair blond everyone else doesn't know they were twins. But the other girls got jealous and bully Yumi. Yumi didn't say anything to her family, but one day Usui found out that she was bullied and he yelled at the other girls.

In their 3rd year of middle school, they met a twin pair, the same as them. The older twin brother was named Akira and the younger twin sister named Araki. Yumi fell in love with Akira and Usui fell in love with Araki. They went to the same high school and they became the most popular twin couples at their high school. They also go on a twin double date sometimes.

After they graduated, they went to a university in Tokyo and met Usui's old friend from his old Elementary school. Usui introduced Araki and Yumi to his old friends. They went to the same college and had a family at the age of 27. Araki and Usui's children is a twin sisters their name are Rei and Rie. Yumi and Akira's children is a twin brothers, their name are  Zen and Ren. Their generations kept go on and on forever. The point of this story is that even twins can not be apart, they always live together, study together and even fall in love together.