Saturday, 7 November 2015

Hi everyone! {>_<}

                                         HI! {>-<}

Hi everyone who's reading this! I'm a girl who watch anime and read manga (like comics). I read manga and watch anime too much that I got a lot of ideas to make stories. My grammar is not that good because I'm still young, but i really love writing story, that's why i made this blog. At first, I thought nobody wants to read my story, but when i write a story at school afriend of mine said "it's a good story! Continue it, I want to read it." That's why I'm so excited to make more stories. It might not make sense but i will try my best to make it good. I'm actually thinking of making a manga/comic but I'm not really good with drawing.. I dreamed to be an author or maybe works with someone who can draw a manga. I will probably will make one story every 1 week or 2 weeks. Hope you will like my stories and please comment if you like it or not because i need support! (even though it's not that good)

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