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"Does fairies exists in this world?" It was after the summer break, a girl named Hiyoki Natsume asked that question every night. Hiyoki 7th grader in Nagoya Middle School, who had always hated the world because of a trauma of being bullied.She kept asking if fairies exists or not. She wished to be a fairy, so that she can fly free from the world. One morning, a boy transfer to her school, he have a blond hair and his name is Kito Harutora. A seat next to Hiyoki is empty and so Kito sat there, Kito introduce himself to her but she ignored him. When Hiyoki looked at him, he was wearing a sweater even though it's summer. She said "you're a weirdo." Kito was shocked and interested in her, and so he kept asking Hiyoki to hang out with him.

After one week , they got along well and became a good friend. While Kito was asked to do a job by someone, a group of boys came after him and locked themselves with Kito inside a room. The boys were jealous of Kito because Kito is popular to the girls and they hates Kito. He nearly got pushed out of a second floor window but not until Hiyoki came and cover him. Because Hiyoki came and cover him, She is the one who got pushed out of the window. But in one second before she hit her head to the ground a beautiful blonde haired, cute boy with blue eyes and with a bright white angel wings hold her hands and pulled her up. Hiyoki was shocked and of course the other boys.

Hiyoki asked Kito after the boys ran away "Who- what are you?" Kito answered "I'm a fairy with an angel wings." Well because Kito was a fairy he have power to erase people memory, he erased the boys' memories but his power somehow doesn't work on Hiyoki. She was the only person that knows Kito's secret. They continue their lives as a human but not until a group of stronger fairies came to take Kito away. Hiyoki disagreed and the fairies attack her with their power but Kito saved her. He was taken to the hospital but nothing can cure a fairy's power and so he passed away.

After few years later, Hiyoki made friends and asked them " Do you believe in Fairies?" but their friends said " No we don't. Do they even exist?" And Hiyoki replied " Yes, I met one before and I fell in love with him" She told the story of her and Kito to her friends, and there was a transfer student named Kei Harutora and he looks exactly as Kito. Kei said to Hiyoki "I'm back" and she started to cry.

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