Saturday, 7 November 2015

Twins' always alive

                              Twins' always together

One morning, there lived a two twins who was 4 years old but they had been separated for 8 years, because of their parents’ divorced.

Yumi was a 12 years old girl, who had been separated from her older twin brother  by 3 minute named Usui for 8 years. Her mother took Usui away to Tokyo and her father took Yumi by their parents' divorcement. One night, in the middle of summer break, her mother called her and said her mum and her dad is going back together, that is mean that she’s going to meet her twin brother after this 8 years.

The next day, her mother and her twin brother is going to meet up at her house. Yumi was so nervous, she hide in her room until her twin brother come. After they arrived, Yumi’s dad called her to go downstairs and meet her mother and her twin brother. Usui was much taller since 8 years ago, he dyed his hair blond. He seems different since when they were 4 to Yumi. But she does not care, she ran to Usui and said “Usui-kun!!! I missed you!” then hugged him . Usui said “ Yumi-chan!!! I missed you too!” and they both cries.

Usui have to go to the same elementary school as Yumi, the school is called Teiko Elementary School. Right after Usui introduced himself, he became popular. Yumi was happy that he became popular but she does not want to get left behind. So Yumi pulled Usui out of the crowd and said "Usui-kun is mine!" Everyone was shocked and of course Usui blushed. 

At the end of the year, Yumi and Usui have to do the middle school Entrance Exam. Yumi was really upset because she doesn't want to do the exam. Because Usui was from an elective school in Tokyo, he have no choice but to teach Yumi to pass the exam. After all their hard work studying they both passed the exam. Yumi was so delightful that she passed the exam and she will be going to the same middle school as her older twin brother. 

Once they got into their middle school every girls stared at Usui, maybe because he is a good looking. Yumi got jealous and hold Usui's hands. Usui obviously doesn't mind because Yumi is his twin sister, because Usui dyed his hair blond everyone else doesn't know they were twins. But the other girls got jealous and bully Yumi. Yumi didn't say anything to her family, but one day Usui found out that she was bullied and he yelled at the other girls.

In their 3rd year of middle school, they met a twin pair, the same as them. The older twin brother was named Akira and the younger twin sister named Araki. Yumi fell in love with Akira and Usui fell in love with Araki. They went to the same high school and they became the most popular twin couples at their high school. They also go on a twin double date sometimes.

After they graduated, they went to a university in Tokyo and met Usui's old friend from his old Elementary school. Usui introduced Araki and Yumi to his old friends. They went to the same college and had a family at the age of 27. Araki and Usui's children is a twin sisters their name are Rei and Rie. Yumi and Akira's children is a twin brothers, their name are  Zen and Ren. Their generations kept go on and on forever. The point of this story is that even twins can not be apart, they always live together, study together and even fall in love together.

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